Mansfield Family Receives National Attention After Photo Goes Viral

A Mansfield family's picture asking for a new puppy has gone viral after obtaining over a million likes in 13 hours.

When the children of Mansfield resident Ryan Cordell asked if they could get a new puppy on the condition that a picture of them on Facebook asking for one got a million likes, he didn’t expect that it would only take 13 hours to reach that goal.

The photo, which says “Hi world, we want a puppy! Our dad said we could get one of we get 1 million likes!” has been liked almost 1.7 million times on Facebook as of the evening of January 18. The popularity of the photo has turned the story into an internet sensation and has even caught the attention of the national media.

Speaking to Good Morning America earlier this week, Cordell said he only accepted the deal only because he thought it was near impossible to reach the goal. 

“They wanted a new dog and they kept asking us for a new dog and we were trying to delay them,” Cordell told Good Morning America.

The Cordell children have been asking for a new dog since the passing of their previous family dog back in August.

The family is hoping to have a new lab or golden retriever within the next month.

To see the Cordell family’s appearence on Good Morning America, click here.


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