Mansfield Mystery Photo of the Week

Where and what is this?

Welcome to Week #10 of this Mansfield Mystery feature! Each week, on Thursday, this site will have a new photo of a town "something." The photo will feature only a small portion of the actual building/site/item/landmark. Readers are asked to submit their guess in the comment section. Only one guess per person per week. The winner will receive Patch merchandise and be entered in a monthly drawing for a $25 gift card to their favorite .  After three days, if there is no winner, the clues will be sent by tweet or comment section each day until Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. So put on your thinking caps and keep your eyes peeled--the answer could be right before your eyes!

Editor's Note: There was no winner in last week's Mystery Photo feature. We had two great guesses narrowing the answer to a plastic owl somewhere in town. This owl actually sits on a sign overlooking the police station.  Click on the thumbnails  to see the expanded photo.

There were two winners in the month of January. Names will be drawn tomorrow  to determine the winner of  the gift certificate.

Mansfield High School February 04, 2011 at 12:55 PM
We guess it's a cactus plant at Mansfield Florist (since everything else is under snow!)! -Miss D's class @ MHS


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