Mansfield Teens Participates in International Peace Project

Mansfield teens contribute to world peace.

For the 5th year Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts Foxboro has participated in the International Memory Project. The Memory Project is a unique initiative in which art students create portraits for children around the world who have been neglected, orphaned, or disadvantaged.This year 15 art students created original portraits of children from South East Asia.
With seven teens being from Mansfield: Maya Tajchman, Kelly Li, Alissa Melton, Marty Reynolds, Brian Schmidt, Haley Lynch, and Alyson Bailey. Last years participates were declared "Ambassadors to Peace" by Sectary of State Hilary Clinton. Hunakai Studio hopes with this project to encourage their students to practice kindness and service to others, and to reach across international boundaries through their artwork.


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