Mansfield Web Series Going Comic

Mansfield resident's “Adults Only" introduces new content between first and second season.

Plymouth Rock Creative (PRC), a digital production company and IP creative house founded in 2011 in Massachusetts, recently announced that its first will be adapted into a comic book that will be released digitally.  

Jason M. Burns, creator of the comedic web TV series “Adults Only,” and artist Armando Zanker, will begin production of the comic that will precede the second season of the series. The comic will feature new content that will take place after the end of the first season and before the beginning of a second season.  This 20 page, one-shot digital comic, produced by Ape Entertainment, will be released in summer 2012 and is expected to be followed by an announcement of a second season of “Adults Only.” 

Despite its risqué title, “Adults Only” content is equivalent to a PG-13 rating (at best), as its title originates from the unique setting of the series: an adult video and novelty store. The web TV series, which premiered in March 2012, is comprised of eight, 8 – 10 minute episodes that were released weekly on YouTube and Funnyordie.com. "Adults Only" features well-known entertainers including Danny Nucci (Titanic), Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos), Brian Austin Green (Beverly Hills, 90210), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Brianna Brown (General Hospital), Ronnie Marmo (General Hospital), Adrienne LaValley (Television Spokeswoman), and indie actor Todd Poudrier.  The series was shot in six days on location in Mansfield and North Attleboro, Massachusetts using a hand-held camera in high definition and quality sound modes.  PRC broke new ground with this project as one of the first production companies focused exclusively on producing digital content for digital platforms.  

“Adults Only” follows the life of Chance Rioux (played by Todd Poudrier), a middle aged former Olympian who must take a management job at an adult video and novelty store that his brother-in-law Mitch (played by Vincent Pastore) owns in order to make ends meet. While trying to conceal his identity from the public and adjusting to his new life, Chance meets Kris (played by Brianna Brown), a diner waitress who he develops a crush on and visits frequently to escape the hysteria of his employees, Larissa (played by Adrienne LaValley), Crotch (played by Ronnie Marmo), Shifty (played by Sebastian Bach) and customers.   The series follows Chance through the ups and downs of his new life and the hilarious encounters he must face as the manager of an adult store. 

The comedy in “Adults Only” is similar in style to groundbreaking television sitcoms such as “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (FX), “The Office” (NBC), “Arrested Development” (FOX), “Happy Endings” (ABC), “30 Rock” (NBC), and “Community” (NBC).  Its relatable conflicts and throwback characters are similar to classic sitcoms including “Cheers,” “Three’s Company,” and “Seinfeld.”  To date, there has been an overwhelmingly positive response to “Adults Only,” with its preview trailer receiving a 96% funny rating (out of 100%) on the comedy websitewww.funnyordie.com <http://www.funnyordie.com> .  In addition, the entire series was screened at the Garden State Film Festival in March at the famous Paramount Theater.  

“Adults Only” was written, directed and produced by Jason M. Burns, chief creative officer of PRC. Ronnie Marmo assisted by directing episodes seven and eight.  Burns, a Massachusetts native, does not travel by air and convinced each cast member to fly to Massachusetts for the week of filming – effectively bringing Hollywood to New England.  Burns, who has been called the Woody Allen of web-based television by PopMatters.com, is best known for his comic book writing for Ape Entertainment’s (San Diego) licensed properties including Shrek, Megamind, Kung Fu Panda, and Richie Rich.  He also wrote graphic novels for Archaia Studios (Los Angeles) for Fraggle Rock, and IDW Publishing (San Diego) for Jericho (CBS) Season 3 (co-authored with the television series’ original creators) for which he was named to The New York Times Best Sellers list in 2011.  Burns served as editor-in-chief for DreamWorks Animation’s (Los Angeles) comic book titles, working directly with the licensing department.  He was named Best Indie Writer of 2008 by the Project Fanboy Awards, an annual awards program celebrating writers and artists in the comic book industry, as voted on by the fans.  He has written and created a number of successful creator-owned comic book series as well, including Curse of the Were-WomanA Dummy’s Guide To Danger, and The Expendable One, which is currently being developed into a major motion picture by Intrepid Pictures (Los Angeles). 


Founded in 2011, Plymouth Rock Creative is an IP creation house and digital production company located in Mansfield, Massachusetts.  Plymouth Rock Creative writes, produces, directs, edits, and creates IP content specifically for digital platforms.  The company’s focus is creating ideas and owning the concepts for specific entertainment media including comic books/novels, television/web-based series, film, new media/video games, mobile applications, and music videos.  Plymouth Rock Creative’s goal is to bring Hollywood to New England. For more information, contact Plymouth Rock Creative, PO Box 1250, Mansfield, MA  02048; (774) 284-4005;http://www.plymouthrockip.com <http://www.plymouthrockip.com> ;jason@plymouthrockip.com.


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