Mocking Bird Music: Expanding Through Experience

Owner Mark Deluzio shares his journey through his experience of music and the creation of his store(s)

Mark Deluzio first started his foray into the music store business back in 1995, when he opened up shop in the center of Milford. Ever since he moved his operation to Mansfield he has been expanding the store's horizons to feature everything from recording to performing.

 Deluzio first started in music with the drums when his was very young. His mother, Jean Deluzio, said that when he was about four years old they bought him a toy drum and he never stopped playing it. When he was older, about seven or eight, he began taking lessons from a local big band drummer by the name of Bob Varney.

"So I called and talked to him," she said. "He said to drop (Mark Deluzio) in the studio."

A few years later, Deluzio started playing guitar as well, and took lessons for both instruments. It was also about this time that he realized he wanted to own a music store. He first played in a band as a guitarist in middle school, and played in local groups through college, as well as playing drums for school jazz bands.

"I sort of transformed into a guitar player because three of my best friends all played drums," he said. "Three of us had to verge off into other instruments."

His last band was called TKR, and he performed throughout college. He went to UMass Amherst. He was a plant pathology and biotechnology major. During that time and after he hung out and played at a recording studio owned by Berklee College of Music Assistant Professor Jerry Seeco. Here he said he learned the ins and outs of the music store business.

Out of college, Deluzio worked for Bose Soundsystems for about four years, until he had enough credit and cash to open his own store. Deluzio's first store, the Music House, he started in 1995 in Milford. Then he started a small shop in the center of Mansfield in 2001. He also set up a recording studio in Stoughton at that time.

"Then I outgrew the Mansfield shop, and we had a second place in downtown Mansfield, and I had three spaces," he said. "So I started looking for one big space."

In 2005, Deluzio opened up the Mocking Bird Music Store in its present location, right next to the . Deluzio said he financed the project himself with a small business loan from the .

Deluzio's store features a total of 13 lesson rooms, a drum room, electric guitar room, acoustic guitar room and a stage for putting on local concerts and theater shows. They offer lessons for all western-based instruments (except for banjo) and voice lessons as well. Also, the two recording technicians at his store do sound and recording lessons as well.


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