Cavallo and Signoriello Insurance Expanding After 50 Years in Mansfield

Co owner Ben Cavallo Jr. talks expansion and the history of his father's business.

Cavallo and Signoriello Insurance has been in Mansfield for over 50 years, and with their new building getting into construction, they may stay for another 50 years.

Ben Cavallo Jr., the son of founder Benjamin Cavallo, said they really just needed the space.

“Last year, we purchased Colonial Insurance, effectively doubling the size of our Mansfield office and we’ve really outgrown the original office,” he said.

Cavallo said the original office, built by Benjamin Cavallo Sr. and Frank Signoriello, was 1,200 square feet. He said they had purchased another building to increase space, but that it just wasn’t working out.

“Working out of two spots is crazy,” he said. “It’s hard to manage people from two locations.”

He said the new building would be 9,000 square feet, and occupy the same space as the old building and some surrounding properties the company owns.

“It’s the best use of the land,” he said. “We grew up in Mansfield and we’re excited to build a nice building in that spot. We’ve worked really hard to create something a little more interesting than a cookie cutter building.”

Cavallo said that his father and Signoriello built the original building in 1959 and then he and his partner Keith, Frank’s son, took over in 2004.

“In the last few years we’ve done a lot of acquisition of insurance agencies and we’ve merged we’re triple the size of what we were seven years ago,” he said.

Cavallo said that his and Keith Signoriello’s father did whatever they could to get the business going.

“They started out selling pretty much whatever they could,” he said.

He said they sold real estate, accounting and insurance.

“They hustled,” he said. “They worked hard door to door and the local community really embraced doing business with them. My father didn’t retire until he was 80 years old, that was the work ethic he had and that’s how he built the business in the early days.”


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