Five Things You Need to Know in Mansfield for Sept. 13: Police Officers, Selectmen and Fire Log

Karaoke tonight.


2. The Mansfield Board of Selectmen met last night. They inducted some new police officers, discussed the parking situation in the downtown area, talked about a possible fall special town meeting and the new parking machines at the MBTA station. .

3. The Mansfield Police Department performed an induction ceremony for three new officers (Mark Lennore absent on vacation) and the promotion to sergeant of another. Christopher Walsh and David Kerr were inducted as new recruits and David Sennott returned to duty after a serious back injury. Officer Roy Bain was also promoted to a full sergeant position after being an active sergeant for a few months. .

4. Mansfield saw a good deal of motor vehicle collisions, mostly on Route 495 and Route 95. .

5. Mansfield is host to events for the young and old today. There are two story times for ages 2-3 and 4-5 today at the . The group meets at 11 a.m. and the  groupmeets at 1 p.m. Come by and check out  with DJ Jim every Thursday nigth at .  Enjoy the largest selection of Karaoke and Music Videos on the South Shore.


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