Judge Says Kosilek's Legal Team Should Be Paid

US District Judge Mark L. Wolf ruled Wednesday that the state has the pay the legal fees of Michelle Kosilek.


Chief US District Judge Mark L. Wolf awarded more than $700,000 in legal fee to the lawyers who represented Michelle Kosilek in case against the state to have a sex change operation, according to a report in the Boston Globe.

Kosilek, who was known as Robert and living in Mansfield when he was convicted of killing his wife, is attempting to have the sex change operation to treat gender identity disorder.

Wolf said he recognized the cost to the taxpayers, but the lawyer fees were from defending Kosilek's constitutional rights.

In the next several weeks, Wolf will be working the exact amount, but early calculations have it at more than $700,000.

Kosilek's legal team has said they will drop the request for legal fees if the state decides to pay for the sex change operation.

Read the entire Boston Globe story at: http://www.boston.com/metrodesk/2012/12/19/kosilek/w9i6yDzEdbNl1dZLd2NMqI/story.html



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