Mansfield's Whiz Kid of the Week

Aubrey Organ

For half of her life, 7-year-old Aubrey Organ has been an inspiration to the green movement. This high-spirited young girl learned to recycle from her mother Robin Organ, director of Green Schools and has been teaching others to be kind to the earth.

If you ask her how she knows what to recycle, Aubrey will sing her answer. Her preschool teacher at Oak Hill in Foxboro taught a song to help the students remember what can be recycled. Aubrey loves to teach it to other kids.

“Aubrey’s been teaching that song to lots of kids at community events,” Robin said.

She and her 8-year-old sister Haley will also take the reins at fairs. Both girls want to be the next Green Girl, the Green Schools’ character that teaches kids to be healthy and green. They run small classes and workshops and lead games any chance they get.

“I like to help my mom out when she’s working,” Aubrey said. “I help make crafts, my sister does face painting, I help teach songs and I help my mom.”

Recycling is so important to Aubrey because, as she would say, it makes the earth a better place. To her, that means not throwing trash in your yard because it hurts the earth. She cares so much that she even plays games to make cleaning up fun.

“If we find recycling stuff, we hide and then if someone finds us we find a recycling bin and we stay there but first we throw it in the trash so we’re safe,” Aubrey described.

Aubrey and her family also pick up trash around town every spring at the Great . Aubrey’s enthusiasm and involvement in these activities is exciting and inspiring for the people who know her.

“I think, from a Green Schools perspective this is pretty amazing to see kids that young really interested and they’re the ones going home and talking to their parents,” Robin explained.

Aubrey is eager to show off the recycled bags her family owns. She has a backpack made of recycled juice boxes and a purse made of used plastic bags woven together. She is excited about being green in every way possible and shows her appreciation to people that share her sentiment.

“She made me take her picture in front of the Waste Management truck and she makes people stop and wave to her when they come to collect the recycling,” Robin said.

The little crusader also has a green thumb. She helps grow vegetables, herbs and flowers in her family’s garden.

While recycling and green living is her favorite topic, Aubrey has a few other passions. Her favorite animal was elephants but she has recently changed her mind.

“I’m starting a new dog life,” Aubrey explained.

She celebrated her seventh birthday early last weekend and the theme was dogs. She had dog stickers, dog Valentine’s boxes and her sister, Haley made fondant dogs for the cake. She hopes to be either a vet or a dog trainer when she grows up.

“I think she’s inspired people,” Robin stated. “I’m not just saying that as her mom.”

Aubrey has a big, caring personality. Her drive and enthusiasm is inspiring and will surely take her many (green)  places. 


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