Possible Big Snowstorm This Weekend

Mansfield could see up to a foot of snow.

Once again, the snow is melting. But once again, don't put the shovels away. Because once again, the weekend is bringing us more snow.

A new snowstorm is headed our way for Saturday and Sunday, and Mansfield could see up to 12 inches of new snow before it's done.

On his blog, WHDH meteorologist Pete Bouchard is calling for light rain along the coast Saturday with snow inland and snow everywhere by Sunday morning. There may also be some coastal flooding.

"Heavy snow through early morning Sunday. Roads will be tough to travel, and yes, your flight will most likely be delayed or cancelled. (Although I don't run an airline, so I'll let them have the final word.)," Bouchard writes.

As of now, forecasts call for 4 to 8 inches of snow in most of Southeastern Massachusetts and along the shore, with 8 to 12 inches of new snow in the Merrimack Valley out to the western part of the state

Recently, Town Manager Bill Ross said the snow storm that dropped over 30 inches of snow on Mansfield completly drained the town's snow removal budget and he would have to go to the Finance Committee to request deficit spending on future snow removal.


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