Five Reasons Why Mansfield is Better than Foxborough

A look at Mansfield and Foxborough.

Everyone knows that their hometown is the best in the world. No question. But when it comes to Mansfield and Foxborough, well, there is substantial evidence that suggests that Mansfield is way better than its neighbor.

And with the rivalry-pumping argument-fueling Thanksgiving Day game only a few short days away, here are just a few supporting facts to back up that claim:


1. Mansfield Gets Power

Because Mansfield has its own , power outages . In the last two storms, most of Mansfield was up and running in two days, while Foxborough (save for Patriot Place) was dark for nearly a week.

2. Mansfield Isn't a Parking Lot on Gameday

Sure, Mansfield has the . Fine, when Countryfest is in town, but it's nothing compared to when the Patriots are in playing at home. Route 1 gets jammed for miles and miles and it could be said that the area becomes inaccessible for that afternoon.

3. High School Football

With a long-standing rivalry, , Mansfield is in no danger of falling behind in the record. They may have the Patriots, but Mansfield still beats them more often than not on their own grid iron.

4. Parades

Mansfield has way more parades than Foxborough. End of story. , , , Christmas, , the list goes on.

5. Local Businesses

Foxborough has Patriot Place, and Mansfield has Mansfield Crossing, but downtown is really where the heart is in Mansfield. Mansfield has more locally-owned businesses, while Foxborough has outlets, chain restaurants and a fishing store. Oh, and Mansfield has an airport. 


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