Hardman: Top Sitcoms of All-Time

Who's the No. 1 sitcom of all-time? Hint, it didn't take place in America.


As a sequel to last week's best sitcom stars ever, this week we are venturing down the same road.

Drum roll please.

This week, we're looking at the top 10 sitcoms of all of time, in the humble opinion of this typist.

Please weigh in on your own favorites in the comment section, or tell me why you think my list belongs in the trash can on my computer.

No. 10-"Hogan's Heroes." Somehow wouldn't you liked to have been a fly on the wall when the creators showed up at Bing Crosby Productions to float an idea of the hijinks of a German POW camp? A strong cast and good comedy and, of course, Sgt. Schultz made it work.

No. 9-"Leave it to Beaver"-I was having breakfast the other day when the show about Beaver falling into the soup bowl on top of the billboard was on. I was going to leave Beaver out of the top 10, but the show was too good not to be here. Besides, wouldn't we all want to have a teenage son like Wally Cleaver?

No. 8-"Cheers"-Who would have thought that Woody Harrelson would be the biggest star to come out of the series? This was a very talented cast who knew how to share the ball. Diane or Rebecca? How many major TV series can change a major character and not lose a beat? Nice work Sam "May Day" Malone.

No. 7-"Sanford & Son"-Redd Foxx made Fred Sanford come alive on NBC with barbs and wisecracking. I always wondered why Lamont just didn't move out, or why Aunt Easter ever visited. Fred didn't make life easy for anyone. I had my own junk business as a teenager and related to Fred.

No. 6-"The Beverly Hillibillies"-My mom was from Boston where we lived, and my dad was from West Virginia. My mother made me watch this show so I knew what the relatives were like on my dad's side of the family. She was kidding, but I don't think my dad liked the joke. I like the show. Ellie Mae and Jethro were like cousins to me.

No. 5-"The Andy Griffith Show"-The Don Knotts years, not after. Full disclosure: Don is a relative on my father's side, but he was brilliant as Barney. The brilliance of Andy Griffith was how he let other thrive in their roles. He was the perfect set-up man.

No. 4- "All in the Family"-It's outdated now because of the political and social references, but it still makes you laugh and think at the same time. Carroll O'Connor made Archie Bunker seem like a guy we all knew, but really didn't want to tell anyone about.  The underrated star of the show was Edith Bunker. When she left, they should have said goodnight, thanks for watching.

No. 3- "Seinfeld"- I know this is going to be on a lot of people's No. 1 list, but I'm knocking it back because the show actually got off to a slow start and didn't hit its stride for a couple of years. Go back and watch the early years; those episodes wouldn't even make the top 10. Fortunately, Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer were allowed to stay around.

No. 2-"I Love Lucy"-Go back and watch these shows: I dare you not to laugh at Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred. Lucy on the candy line is still an all-time TV moment. Unfortunately, "The Lucy Show" never reached a 10-top all-time level.

No. 1-"MASH"-Not only did this show last four times longer than the war it was about, but it also brought an actor back from the dead. Harry Morgan played a bit role as a crazy officer who died, and then came back as Col. Potter. Hawkeye, Klinger, Father Mulcahey and Margaret stood the test of time, but the beauty of the show was it kept adding new characters and didn't lose any speed. That's greatnesses.

What are your top 10 shows?

Bill "The Swede" Anderson March 25, 2012 at 12:38 PM
The most recent show on that list is 14 years old! I tried not liking modern family, but it honestly is the only show that has ever made me laugh to tears. Raymond was pretty good and King of Queens very funny. What about cable? Curb is side splitting. I've seen every episode of MASH and never thought of it as a sitcom. How could an show with a character like Sidney Freedman be a sitcom? 1.) Modern Family 2.) Frazier 3.) Cheers 4.) Everybody Loves Raymond 5.) Sanford and Son 6.) Barney Miller 7.) It's Gary Shandling's Show 8.) The Simpsons 9.) The Honeymooners 10.) Coach
James Williams June 11, 2012 at 02:23 PM
I agree in general (although I'd re-order your list a bit), but cannot seem to classify MASH as a sitcom. My list: 10. Barney Miller 9. Leave it to Beaver 8. All in the Family 7. Cheers 6. Simpsons 5. Beverly Hillbillies 4. WKRP 3. Seinfeld 2. I Love Lucy 1. Andy Griffith


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