Bank Robbers in Mansfield Still at Large

Whereabouts and identities of robbers still unknown.

In the past two months the town of Mansfield has seen several bank robberies.

Earlier in October, a black male entered the Mansfield location of Bank of America and handed the teller a note demanding money.

He has yet to be captured or identified according to Massmostwanted.com

The most recent robbery occurred at the Sharon Credit Union and involved an armed robber and a getaway driver, both still unidentified.

The robber in this instance wore a ski mask, gloves and took great care to hide his identity. In initial reports, the suspect’s ethnicity was incorrectly reported.

Mansfield Police Lieutenant Samuel Thompson said the suspect in the first robbery didn’t take any care to hide his identity, instead wearing a New York Yankees cap to sometimes obscure his face to the security cameras.

The masked suspect and his get away driver are still yet to be identified and Mansfield Police, Massachusetts State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are still investigating their identities and whereabouts.


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