Mansfield Man Arrested for Pulling Gun on Magazine Salesman, Possession of Illegal Ammunition

Mansfield man pulls pistol on magazine salesman.

Being a door to door salesman became a little more dangerous on Friday, Aug. 10, when a man was selling magazines in Mansfield and had a pistol pulled on him.
Charles Cook, 47, of 792 West St. was arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon,  improper storage of firearms, possession of unlawful ammunition and possession of a firearm without a FID card.

A 911 call reported that a party had been selling magazines door to door at the apartment complex on West St. Cook allegedly pulled out a pistol after the reporting party stated his business.

Police arrived and allegedly performed a consensual search of the apartment and found a .380 millimeter caliber handgun, with illegal ammunition. Cook was held on $25,000 bail. 



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