Mansfield Resident Helps in Apprehending B&E Suspect

Mansfield resident pins down suspected thief on Pleasant Street.

A Mansfield man helped police out on Wednesday after he found a Canton man breaking into his vehicle.

Anthony Fitzpatrick, 20, of 4 Waterford Park in Canton was arrested for felony breaking and entering, two counts of malicious destruction of property, felony larceny and disorderly conduct.

 Fitzpatrick was apprehended when a caller on Pleasant Street reported that he had pinned down Fitzpatrick after he had seen him breaking into his motor vehicle.

Fitzpatrick had to be rushed to Sturdy Memorial Hospital following complaints of heart problems. Mansfield Police followed the ambulance and formally arrested Fitzpatrick later.

Police also found another vehicle on Pleasant Street that Fitzpatrick had allegedly broken into.

Fitzpatrick was arrested after police recieved over 20 calls reported vehicular breaking and entering in Mansfield the previous day.


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