Election 2012: How Much Has Mansfield Given to Obama and Romney?

Search our interactive campaign contribution database and find out who from Mansfield has donated to the presidential campaigns.

In the 2012 campaign cycle, Mansfield residents have made more than 151 contributions to the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the Democratic and Republican Party nominees. A Patch analysis shows President Obama leading just slightly in donations from Mansfield at 55.05 percent of the contributions.

A total of 126 contributions from Mansfield were made to the Obama campaign, for a total of $31,500. Twenty-five contributions from Mansfield were made to the Romney campaign, for a total of $25,715.

All contributions to the Obama campaign totaled at $250 each. The largest Mansfield contribution to the Romney campaign was a total of $10,000 from Robert and Lori McIvor, C.E.O. of Plexus Management Group.

Statewide, a total of $23,401,154 has been donated to presidential candidates by Massachusetts residents. Of that, $14,534,279 has gone to Obama and $7,896,545 has gone to Romney. The rest has gone to other candidates, primarily Ron Paul ($369,583) and others who ran against Romney in the Republican primary.

The information in the database was downloaded from the Federal Election Commission’s website. The data is based on quarterly reports, and is current through July. The data will be updated in mid-October.

Mansfield only donated $15,489 to the Obama campaign in 2008, according to the same database.

Patch has created an interactive database so you can see how much your neighbors are donating to the presidential campaign—and to which candidate they’re writing their checks. We’ve included communities across Massachusetts, so if you want to see what the campaign contributions in nearby towns are like, go right ahead.


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