Few Issues Left in Comcast Center License Renewal

With only a pair of issues left to discuss, the entreatment license for the Comcast Center is almost ready for a vote by the Mansfield Board of Selectmen

After a pair of Comcast Center Entertainment License subcommittee meetings, a new entertainment license for the Comcast Center is almost ready to be presented to the Board of Selectmen.

While there are few changes to the new license, there are a couple of additions being worked on that are meant to increase communication among parties involved in concert day management.

Fire Chief Neal Boldrighini, has submitted a plan for managing the medical responses at the Comcast Center. The proposal is awaiting input from the concert venue’s EMS official and Comcast Center officials.

The second issue involves create a unified command center which can accommodate representatives of every party involved in concert day management and to help improve communication among groups working the concert.

While not having a large effect on the actual agreement, Selectmen Chairman Olivier Kozlowski did call the two new items important for issuing entertainment license for the 2013 concert season.

“Those are the two big issues that really don’t have too much of an impact on the body of the license but they factor in us being ready to move forward,” Kozlowski said.

Kozlowski said that a new agreement would be ready for the selectmen to vote on sooner than later but would prefer to wait to issue a new license it until it is more clear who the new police chief will be due to the chief's role in managing security during concerts.


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