How to Register to Vote in Mansfield

In honor of National Voter Registration Day, Mansfield Patch is giving you all the information you need on how and where to register to vote.

If you haven’t yet registered to vote, get it off your to-do list now.

Today is National Voter Registration Day, and thousands of local, state and national organizations have mobilized to make sure millions of people don’t miss the chance to cast their vote in this year’s elections.

Six million people didn’t vote in the 2008 elections because they either did not know how to register or because they missed the voter registration deadline.

The voter registration deadline for Massachusetts is Oct. 17.

Here’s information on how you can register in time for the Nov. 6 elections:

Voter Registration Forms may be obtained from the Mansfield Town Clerk's office or from the State using the links to below. The same form may be used to change party affiliation.

Out of town? Voter Registration Deadlines by State :

California - Oct. 22
Connecticut - Oct. 23
DC - Oct. 9
Florida - Oct. 9
Georgia - Oct. 9
Illinois - Oct. 9
Iowa - Oct. 27
Maryland - Oct. 16
Massachusetts - Oct. 17
Michigan - Oct. 9
Minnesota - Oct. 16
Missouri - Oct. 10
New Hampshire - Oct. 27
New Jersey - Oct. 16
New York - Oct. 12
North Carolina - Oct. 12
Ohio - Oct. 9
Pennsylvania - Oct. 9
Rhode Island - Oct. 8
South Carolina - Oct. 6
Virginia - Oct. 15
Washington - Oct. 8
Wisconsin - Oct. 17


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