Light Commission/Selectmen Roundup: March 14

The following is a summary of issues discussed at the March 14 meeting of the Light Commissioners/Board of Selectmen.

The Mansfield Light Commissioners agreed to postpone deciding on whether or not to support the Northeast Public Power Association training program.

The Mansfield Light Commission voted 5-0 to approve the FY13 Capital and Operating Budgets as presented by Mansfield Electric director Gary Babin.

Mansfield Electric director Gary Babin gave a presentation on the financial state of the company in January 2012. Babin said that revenue was down year over by about 5 percent, mainly because of the loss of the ADM Chocolate Factory’s electricity input and output.

The Commission approved a $1,000 donation for this year’s expenses of the Mansfield High School Robotics club.

Commissioner George Dentino brought forth a motion that would allow the commission to give $45,000 towards turning on more lights in the town. The money would come from a pilot request (paid in lieu of taxes). The commission decided to check and make sure the process was legal before voting on it.

The commission voted to extend the residential conservation service rebate program for another three years. The program allows rebates of $100, (for refrigerators, washing machines and central air conditioning) $50 (for a dehumidifier or a dishwasher) and $25 (for  a window air conditioner) if the devices has an Energy Star sticker. The rebates are up to a $100 per year per residence max.

During the Board of Selectmen portion of the meeting, town manager William Ross said that plans are in the work to renovate Room 3 A/B, the adjoining room and the hallway. There will be carpet replacements, microphone and technology upgrades  as well as an overhead projection system. The funds for the project will mostly come from the Mansfield Public Cable Access station.


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