Mansfield North Common Flagpole to Cost No More than $30K

New flagpole on Mansfield's North Common to cost no more than $30,000.

Selectmen discussed  a motion add a $30,000 appropriation article to the special fall town meeting in November for a new flagpole at the North Common on Wednesday.

“I had asked Bill [town manager William Ross] to formalize a cost estimate to replace the pole,” selectman Jess Aptowitz said.  “The issue that were going to have to deal with is the location of the current pole is really not, based on today’s layout of the road, not a really good spot.”

Aptowitz said that, based on the budget of the South Common flagpole replacement, the current engineering estimates put the job at $30,000 for an aluminum pole (which itselft, at 80 feet above ground, would cost $10,000). Aptowitz added that, with the relocation, excavation would not be an issue.

“The excavation of the south common was totally insane,” he said.  “It was put together with whisky barrels in old concrete. It wouldn’t be as costly [on the North Common] because we’d just have to dig a hole.”

Selectman Doug Aninno said that costs could be reduced if the height and material of the pole are changed. He said that fiberglass could be a suitable replacement, and could cost about $8,000.


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