Mansfield Officials Looking to Upgrade Phone Systems

Mansfield looking to replace phone systems dating back to the 80s.

Mansfield town manager William Ross said that the phones in the Mansfield public schools have been temporarily fixed.

For an $800 patch, the phone system, which is connected through computers to the school bell system, has been given a temporary reprieve.

“We have systems in various places that are so old and antiquated that we’re keeping then together with chewing gum,” Ross said. “They have software dating back to the 80s.”

Ross said that he and superintendent of schools Brenda Hodges are working together to find funding for what has been estimated as an $800,000 project.

“This is the way that we can continue to work together on these things,” he said. “We’re meeting next week to get a quote for the whole system; municipal and schools. Brenda said that money would go from the school budget.”


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