Mansfield Selectmen: New Firefighter, North Common Flag and Mansfield Gas

The following is a summary of the Oct. 3 2012 Mansfield Board of Selectmen meeting.

The Mansfield Town Clerk swore in new firefighter Chris Pyrcz.

The Mansfield Board of Selectmen approved a measure that would allow purchase of Norton property (after the approval of the Town of Norton) to expand wastewater facilities.

Selectmen approved a motion 5-0 to allow new owner of Mansfield Gas and Service Wissam “Sam” Samrout a Class II Vehicle Sales License. The license allows sales of vehicles on the property.

Town manager William Ross said that, despite a few problems with change and placement of the machines, the new pay boxes at the train station are being used and are generally a success.

Selectmen voted 5-0 to have a special town meeting on Nov. 13.

Finance Committee chair Walter Wilks and vice chair Steve Schoonveld came in to discuss with selectmen the curren situation for the fiscal year 2014 budget. At this stage, they agreed that new sources of revenue would be needed if the town was to avoid an override tax increase.

The Haunted Hollows Committee gave a presentation outlining this year’s festivities. This year, Haunted Hollows will start and end late. They will start next weekend and end on Nov. 3, because of Halloween’s Wednesday date.

Selectmen approved a grant assurance from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation concerning a study to determine the best way to control vegetation at the Mansfield Municipal Airport.

Ross said that he and other town administrators are looking into paved sidewalks as opposed to concrete sidewalks. He said the cost savings amount to about $1 per square foot.

Selectmen secretary Kevin Moran said that the town had received a letter from Rum Runner’s lawyer stating that they are changing their request for a full liquor license at their new location on Elm Street to a beer and wine license.

Selectmen tabled a discussion of establishing procedures prior to placing restrictions on any town owned land or offering town land for sale.

Selectman Jess Aptowitz reiterated his wish to refurbish the North Common Flag Pole. Selectmen agreed to put the item on the next meeting’s agenda and attempt to get it on the warrant articles for the Nov. special town meeting.

Ron Bokleman October 04, 2012 at 08:06 PM
"At this stage, they agreed that new sources of revenue would be needed if the town was to avoid an override tax increase." NO MORE TAX INCREASES!!!


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