Report: Kerry to be Nominated for Secretary of State; Will Brown Run?

President Barrack Obama is expected to nominate Senator John Kerry for Secretary of State, leading to speculation that Scott Brown will run again.


The Huffington Post is reporting Senator John Kerry (D-Mass) will be President Barrack Obama's choice to be replace Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State. Sources tell ABC's Jake Tapper that Kerry's name will be put up for nomination.

If Kerry's nomination is confirmed, that will lead to speculation of another US Senate run by Scott Brown. The Wrentham Republican lost the senate seat to Democrat Elizabeth Warren in the November elections and will be leaving in January.

Brown gave a farewell speech of the Senate floor this week. He was elected in a special election to replace the late Ted Kennedy.

If Kerry leaves, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick will appoint a successor to fill the term before a special election can be held.

ABC says the announcement of Kerry being nominated will not become public for a few days.

Kerry became the President's top choice after U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice said she didn't want to be considered for the position.



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