State Aid to Marblehead Would Increase $700K Under Gov's Budget Plan

Marblehead, along with many other cities and towns, would see a significant increase in local aid, particularly in education, under Gov. Patrick's proposed budget.

Under the governor's budget plan for Fiscal 2014, Marblehead, along with many other cities and towns, would get a sizeable bump in state aid. We're talking around 11.6 percent, in fact.

According to local aid budget documents available on the state's website, Marblehead is due to receive $6.33 million in total aid from the state by the close of Fiscal 2013 in June. The figures for FY14, however, total at $7.06 million.

The majority of the increase would be in education aid ($706,364). The Chapter 70 allotment is slated for a $934,770 increase, along with $364 for the school lunch offset, while charter tuition reimbursements decrease by $288,770.

General government aid would only increase by $29,553 -- the town would receive about $38,000 from an Annual Formula Local Aid (which is new to the budget) minus about $10,000 from a reduction in veterans benefits and some other small changes.

Gov. Patrick's budget proposal adds the abovementioned formula line item proportionately for cities and towns, factoring in income, property wealth and population. By contrast, Salem is slated to receive about $212,000.

Starting in Fiscal 2015, Patrick plans to place 25 percent of that aid in a reserve account for incentive-based aid to cities and towns, rewarding eligible municipalities for strong fiscal management, managing health care costs, etc.

Patrick has put forth an ambitious $34.8 billion budget proposal that would make significant investments in education and transportation by raising $1.9 billion in revenue, through a combination of tax hikes and eliminating some tax breaks.

Both the Mass. House and Senate will way in on the proposal in the coming months, each presenting their own budgets before coming to a joint resolution.

mary p. ayer January 27, 2013 at 04:36 PM
Are we supposed to "DRINK THIS COOLADE"? WE---the taxpayers are paying for this!!!!! The tax deductions that are being eliminated are just stupid. You are not listing these deduction eliminations---are you?
John Castelluccio January 28, 2013 at 02:08 PM
Mary, there is more information on the different aspects of the budget plan here: http://marblehead.patch.com/articles/patricks-budget-can-state-afford-it-right-now-4018e19b
John Buba January 28, 2013 at 03:43 PM
Here is a story idea. In Marblehead the School Committee and the Town have made a "deal" (not a law, just an agreement). Here is how it goes: The School Committee requests a budget and it gets approved at town meeting. This act ensures that the school budget is in no way dependent on local aid to education. If the state gives us more than expected, the town side of government (police, fire, public works) get the money. If the state gives us less money then public safety in the town is cut. The Selectmen have agreed that state funding for education will not impact the school budget.. Most people do not know this. One might ask why this deal is in the best interest of the town. Why is a cut to education funding absorbed by town departments including the departments that provide public safety? Sure this shields the schools from the ups and down of state funding but is also insulates them from the economic realities in the town, state and country and it also makes them immune to competition from the charter school More on this later.
Mr. Diddler January 28, 2013 at 05:38 PM
Once again Jack you are the flag bearer for ensuring dumber future generations. It is clear that as a child you were scolded by a teacher and have never gotten over that.
John Buba January 28, 2013 at 08:04 PM
I don't think you understand. The increased local aide will not go to the schools. it will go to the town side of government. That is the whole point. In Marblehead state aid for education does not go to the schools.


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