Mansfield Boys Ice Hockey Climbs Back to Beat North Quincy, 5-3, in the D2 South Semifinals

After a two-period deficit, Mansfield shoots back to take the win in the third period over North Quincy. The Hornets will face Franklin Sunday for the D-2 title.

The Mansfield Boys Varsity Ice Hockey Hornets beat the North Quincy Raiders, 5-3. on Friday 5-3, at Gallo Arena in Bourne.

Mansfield was down for the majority of the game, but managed to climb, claw and crawl up the scoreboard in the third period to take the win. Mansfield had 34 shots on goal and 25 saves during the game. The first period saw a great defensive effort for Mansfield.

Although, the puck was in their zone for a good deal of the first five minutes, quick defensive plays pushed out with no real problems. Mansfield goaltender Richard Shipman had three consecutive saves in less than 10 seconds with 8:45 left in the first, a trend he would keep up during the majority of the game.

Three saves in a row in the first period, Mansfield head coach Rick Anastos said. "That should have been a goal, that should been 3-0."

With 1:24 left in the first period, North Quincy scored two goals in 15 seconds.

The second goal came from a melee near the net. In the confusion, North Quincy was able to get one by Shipman. Anastos said he told the team to keep their chins up. He said, at that time, he wasn't too worried.

"We've been down two goals before, that's what I told them." he said. "Only the first period, you've got two periods left, chip away."

Mansfield's Will Kelleher scored on the Raiders with an assist from Kevin Flynn with 13:45 left in the second period to bring the score to 2-1.

The Raiders scored again in the second period at 10:56 to keep their two-goal lead at 3-1, and the situation seemed dire for Mansfield.

North Quincy gained a power play three minutes later. Thanks to some good defense from the Hornets and more than one amazing save from Shipman, Mansfield was able to stem the tide.

North Quincy earned a penalty almost exactly when their power play ended, but Mansfield was unable to capitalize on the opportunity.

Erick Foley managed to score an unassisted goal on a power play with less than a minute and a half left in the second period. Mansfield had two breakaways before the end of the 

Mansfield came alive at the third period.

“[I told them to] stay the course,” Anastos said. “I thought our guys were getting tired, but they were back on their heels. So our guys were tired, but, I said hey, leave everything out on the ice, and they did, they really did.”

Kevin Flynn scored a goal in a goal line melee, but it was determined that he was in the crease at the time of the goal and it was not counted.

Mansfield had two one and a half minute penalties in the next five minutes, but more great saves from Shipman and good defense all around kept the Raiders at a standstill.

Foley had a breakaway, but the puck was caught by the North Quincy goalie. His resolve paid off, however, as he followed it up with a goal with 3:26 left to play.

“Our goal was to just take it too ‘em,” Anastos said.

North Quincy called a timeout after that goal, and came at Mansfield hard and heavy. Shipman was almost literally under assault by the Raider offense, but kept it together to hold the tie at 3-3.

Erick Foley came in again to score, this time assisted by Adam Blackman at nearly the last minute at 1:22 left in the game. North Quincy pulled out all the stops, pulled their goalie and came at Mansfield with two concerted pushes on the net, but were unable to get one by Shipman.

Mansfield stalled with an intentional icing play, and then grabbed possession again after a face off in their own territory. Foley then scored again, this time on an open net, to seal the game with less than a minute to play.

The Hornets will play Franklin for the Division 2 South title, Sunday at 5:45 p.m. at the Gallo Arena in Bourne.


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