Mansfield Education Foundation's 3rd Annual Trivia Night Huge Success

Third-annual trivia night another step forward for the Mansfield Education Foundation.

By Carolyn Kipp

Mansfield Education Foundation (MEF) hosted its Third Annual Trivia Night on Friday, March 30, 2012 at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield. It was a hugely successful event where twelve teams of ten answered questions hosted by Kelley McCormick of Team Trivia.


It was an exciting night from the very beginning.  The first period was tied with teams ‘Wait, What?’, ‘Big Bucks, No Whammies’, ‘Right Stuff’ and ‘Movie Stars & Paparazzi’.  ‘Obama-Nators’, ‘Movie Stars & Paparazzi’, and ‘Right Stuff’ led the second period, and rounding it out in the third was ‘Movie Stars & Paparazzi’, ‘Obama-Nators’, ‘Big Bucks No Whammies’, and ‘Wait, What?’.  ‘Movie Stars & Paparazzi’ were the night’s big winners!


Many topics were covered in the questions asked.  One of them was, “What is the number of states with Ivy League schools”.  Visit the MEF website for the answer.


Teams also competed for Best Table Theme.  ‘20/20 Mansfield Pride’ covered each seat with team jerseys, ‘Smartini’s’ decorated their table with big martini glasses filled with Smart Food and Smartie candies, and ‘Celebrate Diversity’ was colorful with red, white and blue American flag theme.  The Best Table Theme prize went to ‘Movie Stars & Paparazzi’ who not only decorated their table in golden Emmy colors, but dressed up as various celebrities.  Lady Gaga accepted the award. 


“The grants provided by MEF help give kids in Mansfield additional tools in their classrooms that they need”, said veteran player Antonia Blinn.  Jennifer Marchi added, “It’s our second time here and it’s just really a lot of fun. It’s a time where friends can get together for a great night out.  At the same time we get to support Mansfield youth through the foundation”.


A special thanks to Aunt Aleda’s Bakery, Cibo Matto, Edible Arrangements of Foxboro, Holiday Inn, Honey Dew Donuts, Mansfield Deli, Vera Bradley, Wines N More, and the Pawtucket Red Sox for their very generous raffle donations. 

During MEF President Marybeth Cragan’s welcoming presentation, she very excitedly announced the Comcast Center will be matching dollar-for-dollar donations to the Teacher Recognition program.  This program allows people to make a donation to MEF in an educator’s name.  Speaking with her after the evening festivities, Cragan wanted to give special thanks to all those in attendance for making Trivia Night such a success.

MEF is an independent 501(c)3 (non-profit) charity dedicated to funding innovation in education by providing grants to educators in Mansfield.   Trivia Night is one of two signature events, with Secret Shop as the other.  

Information about MEF, the Teacher Recognition Program and other events can be found at www.MansfieldEducationFoundation.org.


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