Mansfield Head Coach Redding Named New England Patriots Coach of the Week

Mansfield High head coach Michael Redding was named Patriots Coach of the Week.

New New England Patriots Hall of Famer and Executive Director of Community Affairs, Andre Tippett will be honoring Mansfield High School varsity football head coach Michael Redding.

Redding, because of his recent accomplishment of 200 wins for the Hornets, will be named this week’s 2012 Patriots High School Coach of the Week.

Tippett will be visiting Redding and his team today at the MHS auditorium.

At the end of the season, one high school coach will be named the New England Patriots High School Coach of the Year and will receive an additional $2,000 contribution toward that school’s football program. 

Before, Tippett invited the Coach of the Week and senior captains for a visit to Gillette Stadium. In 2011, Tippett started visiting coaches on their turf.

This year is also the second year the Patriots will accept nominations for High School Coach of the Week. 

Click here to read Redding's reaction to his 200th win.


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