Mansfield High to Have an Art Display

Mansfield High School to display student art at the entrance of MHS.

Mansfield High School visual arts chair Scott Brigantine will be starting an arts display of students’ art at the entrance of the school.

Superintendent of Mansfield Public Schools Brenda Hodges said that Brigantine is currently working with a student (who is studying architecture) to design the space and draw up the plans.

“It will be a small little enclosed area inside the foyer… to make a little art exhibit,” she said. “If everything goes well we will ask Scott and the student rep to come to the next meeting.”

School committee chair Michael Trowbridge said that building code and the building committee.

“Anytime you do anything concerning a building you have to hire an architect,” he said. “There are a lot of hurdles you have to go through… But I’d like to see it.”

“It’s something that Scott has wanted to do for a while for the visual arts program,” Hodges said.


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