Mansfield Ice Hornets Tie Winthrop 1-1 in Season Opener

Mansfield Hornets tie Winthrop, 1-1, face King Philip Wednesday.

The Mansfield High boys' ice hockey team tied the Winthrop Vikings on Thursday after a back and forth battle on the ice.

"You know it's only the first game of the year, but I think we need to do a bit more conditioning," said Mansfield head coach Rick Anastos.

Mansfield and Winthrop vied relentlessly during the first period, during which time each incurred a penalty.

While Mansfield was shorthanded, Hornet goalie Richard Shipman made three saves.

The period ended with no score on either team.

Mansfield struck first in the second period with a goal from Jared Collins, assisted by Kyle Hurley.

A bit of controversy ensued with 3:36 left in the period from an apparent goal for Mansfield. The puck was clearly in the goal, but since it entered outside the posts and under the goal because of repeated hits, the referees waved the goal off.

Mansfield, despite scoring during the second period, had the puck in their own ice a good amount of time.

"I think in the second period we got fatigued and started to get away from what we do best," Anastos said.

During the third period, Mansfield stepped up their shooting but to no avail. Winthrop scored on a lucky bounce off of a defensemen’s skate with only 1:21 left in the game. Mansfield was unable to score back and the game ended in a tie.

"In the third period, I thought that was the best period overall," said Anastos.

Mansfield will be playing King Philip on Wednesday, Dec. 19 at 5:20 p.m. Anastos said that conditioning and continuing to work on length of effective play will be key factors in the coming week.

"We need to condition. We saw that when we got fatigued," he said. 


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