Mansfield Schools Superintendent to Resign Amid Plagiarism Charges

Brenda Hodges' commencement address last month had many similarities to one delivered by U.S. Navy Admiral William McRaven during his commencement address at the University of Texas at Austin in May.

Mansfield schools Superintendent Brenda Hodges. Credit: Mansfield schools
Mansfield schools Superintendent Brenda Hodges. Credit: Mansfield schools
Mansfield schools Superintendent Brenda Hodges on Wednesday announced she will resign amid plagiarism charges.

Hodges' commencement address last month had many similarities to one delivered by U.S. Navy Admiral William McRaven during his commencement address at the University of Texas at Austin in May.

Parts of Hodges' speech appear to be taken word-for-word from McRaven's address.

Hodges has denied any plagiarism.

"My graduation speech has been the source of much discussion and dissection," she wrote in her resignation letter. "Moving forward, I do not believe the school system can continue to make the progress it has made if this issue remains a distraction."

Hodges said she will work through Aug. 29. After that, she said she "will be receiving medical treatment for a longstanding injury." She will then retire June 30, 2015. Hodges has worked for the school system in various leadership roles for 14 years.

Hodges announced retirement plans after an online petition was started demanding her resignation.

"The status of education in the Mansfield Public School System is on the line," the petition reads. "If we want to set a good example for our students and surrounding areas of what Mansfield education is all about, we need a leader who will make the detrimental consequences of plagiarism clear and take no part in it themselves."

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Sue Carr July 17, 2014 at 08:15 AM
I think she was never doing all three jobs well and that was the problem in the community. It's hard to wear 3 hats. Plus, it might have looked more like a salary grab. Hopefully, the school committee and selectmen now see the importance of those roles. They can serve as a checks and balances to make sure nothing is falling through the cracks of a well-rounded education and a happy populace. Though it is a tragedy for Brenda, it is an opportunity for Mansfield and I hope we grab it and do something good with it.
oh Boy!! July 17, 2014 at 08:32 AM
You people have NO clue what she did on a daily basis no clue. Mansfield is an entitled whiny town!! You all should be ashamed of yourselves the way this town treated her
JohnnyMass July 18, 2014 at 07:52 AM
Plagiarizing bimbo dug her own grave.


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