Mansfield School Committee Roundup: Track and Field, Class Sizes and Phone Systems

The following is a summary of items discussed at the Sept. 11, 2012 School Committee meeting.

Mansfield Superintendent of Schools Brenda Hodges said that there are currently 50 fewer students in the high school than last year, but because of last-minute enrollments, the number is likely to rise later in the year.

Hodges also gave the numbers of all students enrolled in the district.

Mansfield Director of School Finances Edward Vozzella said that bus routes, pickups and dropoffs went well on the first day of school, at least as he saw them. He said the latest bus still got to its respective school with five minutes before the opening bell.

School committee member Kiera O’Neil said that the strategic planning subcommittee already has interested parties for the subcommittee and hopes to get off the ground later in the year.

Class sizes for this year are in the 25-30 range, according to Hodges. Jordan Jackson has an average range of 25-27, about 25 in Qualters and 26-27 in the high school. Qualters had the highest class size at 27-29 in pre-algebra.

The school committee approved the updated Emergency Medical Plan, 5-0.

The new track and field at the high school has been full installed. This time, Hodges said that for teams, using the sideline, like football, soccer, field hockey and lacrosses, there will be a cover put over the track beforehand to help minimize unnecessary damage to the pavement during games.

Hodges said that there is a consultant coming to both the town offices and the schools to access the viability of a phone systems upgrade.

She said that if this patch works, it will cost about $700-$800, but if it doesn’t, both the town and the school will have to look into a full replacement, which has been estimated at $80,000.


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