Mansfield Animal Shelter: Where Does the Money Go?

A breakdown of all required veterinary costs the shelter holds for taking in animals.

The following is from the Mansfield Animal Shelter.

All veterinary expenses for cats and dogs at are paid by the non-profit Mansfield Shelter Friends (MSF). The Town of Mansfield does not pay any vet expenses.

All stray cats and dogs coming into the shelter, and most surrendered animals, need an initial vet visit.

This includes an intake exam and vaccinations. The cost is about $95 per animal. Frequently, incoming animals have not been spayed or neutered, so MSF schedules this also.

In addition to these routine veterinary expenses there are always “sick” animal expenses. Upper respiratory infections are common in shelters. When there’s an outbreak, sick cats often need vet visits and medicines. Dental issues are another occasional problem. When an animal appears ill it often requires blood work to determine the ailment, and the treatment required.

Then there are the exceptional medical problems. This past year several cats suffered eye injuries or diseases that required treatment by a specialist. For Pepper it was a ruptured corneal ulcer that required removal of his eye. For Kumar it was repeated herpes related eye problems that required extensive medication and follow-up visits. Both cats were adopted into wonderful, loving homes.

More recently a stray kitten, Ulysses, was brought to the shelter with a ruptured eye. Ulysses had surgery, and is recuperating nicely in foster care.

In addition to medical expenses, MSF has invested in training for some wonderful dogs that just needed a little help to make them into good, adoptable pets. Rocco is an example of a large, very energetic dog that needed his enthusiasm directed into acceptable behavior. He spent a few weeks with a trainer, and is now happily living in his new home.

Each animal at the shelter is precious, and each is given as much care as possible. MSF can provide good veterinary care because of the generous donations it receives. Despite this, veterinary expenditures must be restricted to some extent since there are many animals at the shelter, and limited funds. If you would like to help give the shelter cats and dogs good medical care, you can donate by sending your tax-deductible check to: M.S.F., P.O. Box 25, Mansfield, MA 02048. Or, see donation information on the shelter website at: www.mansfieldshelter.org. With the exception of the Animal Control Officer, the shelter is an all-volunteer organization. Donations go directly to veterinary expenses.


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